Hail Storms

I have been in the roofing business since 1981.  In all of my years I have never passed out one flyer, telemarketed anyone, or knocked on a door to ask for work.  I have been a Allstate and Farmers preferred vendor and I have received all of my work by referral.  I started out installing roofs myself. I would sign a contract, purchase materials and install them with help.  I have years of experiencing many scenarios in installing roof systems. I have years of learning and watching how the insurance companies have paid claims, including seeing how their procedures have changed over the years.

When I got into the industry, there were not many roofing companies in the area and only a couple of suppliers.  The value of the amount of work you received was equivalent to the size of your Yellow Page add  The problem I have  with the door to door marketing is that I feel it is intrusive to one’s privacy. I also do not like the assignment of insurance contracts because that is between the home owner and their insurance company.  I will also add the following, most of the door to door salesmen do no not have the experience of a seasoned roofer and their primary focus is the commission.  Most companies offer a very sizable commission, which makes the salesmen more aggressive.

I would rather be a straight shooter and assist people in understand the products available, the importance of proper ventilation and how to work with the insurance companies.  I fell off a roof once and I am concerned about job safety.  I require my crews to wear fall protection. I am certified with OSHA.  During the summer months I conduct both fall safety classes and heat exposure classes on site.


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